In the spring of 1990, in Taipei, we opened Hui Liu: in the storm of the city, a quiet place in which to shelter for good tea and healthy food. Taipei has grown and changed and Hui Liu has developed, too. On these web pages you can learn about our cuisine, current menus and details about our shop. What we have learned about tea over the years we now share in "Tea As It Is", offering our selection of wild teas for online sale. Creative vegetarian cuisine and tea culture as well as our fascination with the art of flowers inspire Evan's wood-fired ceramics, on display here, too.
New friends often ask what the meaning of Hui Liu is. Literally, the two characters mean return and remain: we mean, "return to yourself, your original state". We also invite you to " return and stay here often".

Hu Hsiao-chen and Evan Shaw

Hui Liu
evan shaw